Beyond the Document – Using Your Alumni Engagement Strategy as a Change Agent

Over the last decade, the alumni engagement landscape has endured vast and sustained change. Response has varied from resistance to reactive, often including the development of new org charts, processes or plans.

Last year, the Finley & Associates Team had the privilege of working with Michael Sclafani, AVP of Alumni at UCalgary, and his team to revamp UCalgary Alumni’s strategy. The project focused on tackling challenges such as: gaps in alignment between Faculty, Development, and Central Alumni staff; an organization structure in flux; conflicting terminology; and, uncertainty regarding the external and internal requirements for the delivery of a Strategic Plan. Michael and his Team’s dedication to the process led to the development of a new Strategic Vision for UCalgary Alumni that is in the process of being implemented.

Donna is honoured to be speaking alongside Michael at the upcoming Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education – Alumni Leaders Summit on February 6. The presentation will focus on the Strategic Planning Process UCalgary Alumni successfully undertook.

UCalgary believes true success in this new landscape can only be achieved when an alumni engagement strategy catalyzes campus partners, institutional infrastructure and innovation to drive change and deliver sustainable results.

  • Recognize the signs that your alumni engagement organization and approach may need a tune up.
  • Leverage your alumni engagement strategy to bring about change by consensus (rather than force) and get cross-campus buy-in.
  • Re-align, change and mobilize your institutional infrastructure to engage with alumni in a new way.